Our Mission

We are dedicated to equal communication access specifically between deaf/hard of hearing and hearing communities by providing high quality nationally certified interpreters that consider the unique needs of each assignment.

About SIGNINterpreting Services (SIS)

SIS provides ASL sign language interpreters for the southeastern counties within Pennsylvania, the states of Delaware and New Jersey; and northern counties across Maryland. When a customer needs a sign language interpreter for communication access between a deaf or hard of hearing individual and others, SIS goes to work in order to secure the right interpreter for your specific needs. We look at a number of variables including the language needs of the deaf consumer, the specific requirements of the setting and the background knowledge needed, in order to match the best interpreter to your request. Unlike spoken language companies who also offer ASL services, SIS specializes in sign language, a visual gestural language that is uniquely different than spoken English not only in form, but grammar as well.

When calling upon SIS, you can rest assure you are dealing with a company that has the practical knowledge and expertise to connect individuals who use sign language with those using spoken English in the most effective way possible.

Our goal is for all individuals, deaf and hearing, using the interpreter, to have equal and full access to each other. Interpreters can be provided on an as needed basis for both one time events or for on-going assignments. Please contact us with your specific needs at 610-742-1507 or email at: dkelley@signinterpreting.org.

We serve the deaf and hard of hearing with personalized interpreting support on-site and tailored to each engagement. For some engagements, SIS interpreters may ask for advance copies of materials to prepare.

History of Sign Interpreting LLC (SIS)

Doreen Kelley, the founder and principal of SIS, has been working with the Deaf community for over 25 years in various capacities; dorm supervisor at the NJ School for the Deaf, teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, advocate for the Deaf, ASL teacher, author, speaker, editor and certified sign language interpreter. Doreen founded SIGNINterpreting Services (SIS) in 2010 with her passion to bring equal access to the members of our community who choose to use sign language and want to communicate with those who use spoken language.

SIS Interpreters are Exceptional

Our clients offer the greatest compliment through long standing relationships and repeat business. They depend on SIS on a regular basis. Each interpreter request is matched with the best interpreter considering the organization type, the deaf or hard of hearing individuals participating, their communication needs and the context of the assignment. SIS screens and contracts with nationally certfied and qualified ASL interpreters. Our remarkable hard working interpreters bring out their best to serve the special needs of our clients.

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